26 January 2008

Metaphoria #2: The Metaphor Store

So I just got back from the metaphor store, where I purchased a lot of "cleaning products," so I can "clean up" my "living space."

Last summer I "shaved my head," so I'd have a "new" "look."

I'm trying to implement some bigpicture changes in my lifestyle. But so far I'm a lot better at symbolism than actual change. Better at rites than passage.

Fingers crossed.

Just in case take two doesn't take, I'm going to need some more metaphors. Let me know if you got any or I might wind up getting a tattoo or baptized.

1 comment:

kris said...

Don't get a baptismal tattoo, go literal -- build yourself a giant "Chris"alis and burst forth, a new man. I'm sure just the process of devising and constructing an actual cocoon will leave you changed in ways we can now only imagine.