21 September 2007


BLOG! is the sound of virtual vomit, as our collective insides lurch out orangeyellow with chunks of our day from the openmouths of our fingertips, the public-ation of our private thoughts, the outer of our innermost, a culture on the expression express. Our hearts on our sleeves, only mustard stains and snot where they used to beat in our chests. We are the sons and daughters of Samuel Pepys, as Uncle Walt dipped his balls in ink and sang hisself and Taylor Hix, one nation under us.

Let us be naked and shiver, an end to leatherbound with sash, death to black-and-white mottled composition books! The keyboard is a threshold, the space of first contact, the "screening" of thought.

BLOG! is an alien. MYSPACE - the prosthetic frontier ... as the 80s (Minneapolitan?) new-wave band Information Society warbled with precious prescience in "Pure Energy," "I want to know what you're thinking, there are some things you can't hide / I want to know what you're feeling, Tell me what's on your mind."

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