21 September 2007

Out of Thin Hair, An Inverted Samson

Anthropologists speculate that the functional significance of long headhair may be adornment, a by-product of secondary natural selection onceother somatic hair had been lost. Another possibility is that long headhair is a result of Fisherian runaway sexual selection, where long lustroushair is a visible marker for a healthy individual.

I have shaved off my hair. Not to sap my strength but to rally it. Not toremove myself from the buffet line of natural selection but to enticechicks to rub my head.

As a symbol, the peach fuzz is larval, caterpillular. I have come UN-LOCKED.

Aesthetically, a disguise.

Like a swimmer's shorn aerodynamism it should promote freedom of movement.The hippies would grow their hair to flaunt a sort of freedom of social movement, but history has consistently shown that hippies are dumb.

Tonsure is the religious practice of head-shaving among Hindus, Buddhists,and some sects of Christianity. Turning from the ephemoral fashions of the material to the immutable spirit realm. For Christians, the bald head reflects the light of the Son.

In the military, headshaving is a symbol of discipline that veers moretoward an evacuation of spirit that facilitates the Foucauldian docile body, a killing machine, a unit of meat to be arranged tactically, bent like a plastic action figure.

A shaved head can indicate a racist ideology, as in skinheads. A shaved head can also indicate a pointedly antiracist ideology, as in (other)skinheads.

After WWII, in France, women who had associated with Nazi occupiers had their hair shaved in order to punish and humiliate them.

Hair is shaven to prepare for surgery, actual or virtual (a rewiring of one's hardwiring).

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